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I opened this account to give feedback to the fan fiction authors I read. It seems only fair - they're putting all that creativity out there and the least I can do is give them feedback and they know the source.

So, this is me:

Demographic: Baby Boomer, but only by a year or so.

Location: Cheesehead, born and bred.

Interests: Active in theater and music since high school - mostly on the Techie and other behind-the-scenes sides in local arts groups - but I've also performed onstage and know the rush of applause and audience approval.

I have a long history of falling obsessively in love with Science Fiction/Fantasy, starting with the original Star Trek - I saw them in syndication, by the way; and including Star Wars; Lord of the Rings; Dr. Who (Tom Baker rules, thank you very much); Highlander, Buffy, Angel, and now, Supernatural.

Profession: I work for an insurance company, in IT, in a town that has a USA in the middle. If you know the town, you'll know that there are a lot of insurance companies to choose from here.

Marital Status: Married. I've been married twice; widowed once.

Children & Pets: One Cat (down from three) and One Step-Daughter who is wildy talented, intelligent, and fun to be around. I had nothing to do with her becoming that way - I didn't marry her dad until after she graduated from college. She's recently married and it will be fun to become a step-grandma without ever being a step-mom. There are also a variety of nieces and nephews who put up with their aunt, ranging in age from 4 to nearly 20.

Religion/Beliefs: Roman Catholic, currently taking a walk on the Lutheran side.

Trivia: I'm pretty good at it, specializing in history, literature, and '70's TV.
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